Mould, mildew, and odour can be serious issues in your household, especially after storm damage has compromised the building. Many people struggle with how to effectively deal with this situation as supermarket sourced commercial products simply aren’t very effective – particularly for anything larger than spot applications. Most of these products use bleach as their active ingredient, and while there is evidence that bleach can kill mould it needs to be at a 10% concentration to work. The concentration of bleach in the supermarket products marketed as ‘mould killers’ is typically less than five percent. Also bleach has a very short shelf life and loses potency quickly, and by the time their expiry date arrives they may contain less than 1% bleach.

When it comes to removing and controlling mould from the home Hydroxyls are a very useful, but single, component in your approach. It is recommended that a physical clean also be undertaken, although if the effected area is large (more than approximately 1m² and dense) then we highly recommend that a professional mould cleaning service be engaged. Should highly porous substances (e.g. carpets, fabrics, etc) be colonised by mould then they should most likely be thrown out – check with the professionals. For smaller areas there are several approaches you can use, however any time you perform this kind of cleaning be sure to wear a well fitting filter mask rated for mould spores (we suggest a P2 or P3 rated mask), gloves, eye protection, and full cover clothing/footwear. You might consider vacuuming first but only use a vacuum that has a fresh, high quality, HEPA filter and wear the PPE.

Protox Hysan Mould Cleaner

This is a professional grade product for the cleaning and disinfection of mould, leaves no harmful residue. For a more everyday remediation of “regular” mould issues a solution of at least 80% white vinegar can be very effective. Setup 3 buckets with the solution, dip a cloth in the first and clean a small patch, rinse thoroughly in the second bucket and then again in the third before starting the process again – this will reduce the possibility of cross contamination and ensure you’re using fresh vinegar solution for each clean.

Hydroxyls offer many benefits within the home as outlined in the rest of this website, you can also find more from the following sites:

In addition to odour control Hydroxyls can also be very beneficial for controlling mould spores and potential re-colonisation. Having a Hydroxyl generator in the area where you have / have had a mould issue should prevent mould spread / recurrence in addition to removing any associated odours.